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PHP stats evolution for July 2007

  • Ecrit par Damien Seguy
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Here are the evolution graphics for PHP, in July 2007. To learn about the methodology, see la section phpversion. 11,2 millions servers were surveyed during June 2007, and 26,1 were used for the stats : domaines without web sites, those unreachable, ISP or domain parkings were not considered.


PHP on internet[^]

This graphic shows the evolution of PHP global adoption on Internet. It is currently present on 33,68 % web sites. ASP and PHP presence has been stable from a long time.

Evolution of PHP versions[^]

Those graphics shows the evolution of each PHP version market share, since June 2005. PHP 4 versions, with the largest market share, are placed in a separate graphic.

PHP 4 dipped below 80% last month.

Evolution of middle PHP versions[^]

This graphic shows the evolution of each middle version for PHP 4, 5 and 6.

PHP 4.4 pauses again.





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